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Terms and Conditions

Valid from 2011-01-01

Online shop at is run by Wojciech Szmydt "RELIABLE COMPANY ', Pakość 88-170, ul. St.. John 19 entered in the register of economic activities under No. 2132 conducted by the Mayor Pakość,

EU VAT Number: PL5561575841, Polish TAX number: 340543303

Definition of terms:

Shop - online shop at, selling goods in its commercial offer through the Internet; 
Working days - all days of the week from Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays;

Term of the contract - the time at which store and transmit a compilation order to send the form chosen by the customer delivery;

Client-natural or legal person making purchases in the store, having registered an account customer in the store;

Customer Account - database containing customer data used to perform directly placed orders, order history, customer preferences for the selected store functionality, data on payments and overpayments in respect of contracts;

Bank transfer - payment done by the customer in the bank through an Internet account or stationary or at the post office;

Electronic transfer - payment done by you from your bank account on-line through the on-line payment systems;

Receipt or Point Partners network of collection points - point run by Wojciech Szmydt "RELIABLE COMPANY 'or points operated by companies cooperating with Wojciech Szmydt" RELIABLE COMPANY' where you can collect your order processed by the store.


§ 1. Reception and thus forms the orders.

The Shop sells goods via and via the Internet. For information about the products offered by the store are placed on the 
Orders from customers are accepted by the website - immediately after placing an order the customer receives an e-mail message confirming the order reach to the store. 
The customer must confirm the order by clicking the link that will be automatically sent to the email specified by the customer. 
The customer places an order through the website includes the Store contract for the sale of goods ordered. 
In order customer makes: 
choice assortment of ordered goods 
indication of how their delivery and delivery address and how to be an invoice (which may be different addresses) 
choice of payment method 
In the case of orders placed for the first time or the newly created Customer Account customer receives an e-mail asking you to confirm your order and shop starts to execute the contract after receiving the confirmation of the order from the customer. 
In the event of unavailability of the goods covered by the contract customer is informed about the status of your order and decide how to proceed. In individual cases it may be waiting time for delivery than stated in the shipping information or to cancel it (eg. Due damage of the consignment of goods from a supplier, theft of stock, and other random events independent of sprzedającego- in such situations, the seller shall notify this fact to the customer at the latest within 24 hours of placing the order). 
In the case of sales promotions and sales is intended for a limited number of goods and execution of orders is the order in which confirmed orders for these goods until the exhaustion of stocks covered by this form of sales. 
For each order, the customer is issued a VAT invoice. 
§ 2. Making the Customer change orders

Changes in the contract, or its withdrawal The customer can make until you realize (that is, until the transfer to be sent). 
Entering w / the changes is possible through email contact Customer Service via the email address or placed on pages or call 52 3,518,787th Changes in the contract contracted by phone or via e-mail, will be introduced only after verifying the customer as the owner of the account. 
Modifications in the contracts submitted by e-mail about changes: customer address, delivery address, and the commands to refund the overpayment be accepted for execution only if the instruction is transferred from the email address registered on the Customer's Account. 
  § 3. prices of goods

All the prices of the goods offered on the website Store are gross prices (including VAT) and are given in Polish zloty (PLN). 
The price of each is valid at the time of the order by the Customer. 
Delivery costs will be reflected in the prices of goods in accordance with the rates of the store. Delivery of goods shall be chosen by the customer in the form and manner when ordering. Current table containing information about delivery costs is available in the help pages Shipping. 
§ 4. Time and date of execution of the order.

Each product is given the expected delivery time. This is the period that elapses from the adoption of an order until the transfer of the goods ordered from the Store to send selected by the Client mode of delivery (included here are only working days). Goods will be sent to the customer after receipt of payment to the bank account. 
Orders are delivered through the Polish Post or courier to the address indicated by the Customer. 
Ways and declared date of delivery of the ordered goods within the Polish territory by the carrier: 
Mail Poland SA :

-przesyłka business in this pobraniowa - the service provided by the quickest route for service delivery:

the next working day after posting on Polish territory - if you will be given for hours. 13.00. 
Items posted on the above. time are treated as given on the next day. 
The service is performed by the Polish Post based on the "Rules of postal services of general interest" and the Law "Postal Law", the relevant regulations and implementing acts

In the case of purchase of goods on my auctions exposed to various portals, including Allegro, or the shop for shipment by registered mail Mail Polish SA Buyer authorizes Wojciech Szmydt "Reliable Company" Pakość 88-170, ul. St.. John 19 having NIP 556-157-58-41, REGON340543303 to take in its name and on its behalf any actual relation to the grant of purchased goods. Buyers do not expressing consent to such authorization is required to report this fact by e-mail - the consequence of this will be adding the 23% VAT to the price of shipping.

The courier company - the declared delivery time 1 business day.

collection in Section Receipt Store - declared date of delivery 1 working day (for the moment the service is not provided) 
collection in Partner network of collection centers - declared by the carrier delivery time: - Pack in Motion - 2 days Drafts Paczkomat 7/24 - 2 working days (for the moment the service is not provided) 
4 Method and declared date of delivery by the carrier in the European Union:

Mail Poland SA economy package - the declared delivery time 10 working days (for the moment the service is not provided) 
The courier company: the declared delivery time 2-5 working days (for the moment the service is not provided) 
5 Ways and declared by the carrier delivery outside the European Union - do not send.

6 Store is not liable for non-delivery or delay in delivery caused by the incorrect or inaccurate address given by the customer.

§ 5. Types of payments and overpayments for the goods ordered.

1 The customer can choose the following forms of payment for goods ordered with delivery on Polish territory:

Payment on arrival in cash on receipt of an order through the Polish Post or Courier Company. Commencement of the contract starts after the order is complete by the Client, 
Electronic transfer, the bank - performance of the contract begins after receipt by the store to pay for the ordered towar- effect payment to the bank account of leading store.
2 Goods delivery outside the Polish can only be paid by bank transfer.

3 The customer can take advantage of a promotional voucher or a shopper received from Store or from another subject who makes a purchase vouchers for their Klientów- service for a moment the current is not provided.

4 We reserve the right to exclude forms of payment for the order: "payment on delivery" to the customer who does not receive two successively sent orders paid on delivery, delivered by mail, courier company. When you turn off this form of payment You may use the following forms of payment: bank transfer. Restoration forms of payment "payment on delivery" for the client after the deposit and received another order from a form of payment bank transfer.

6 In the event of overpayments to the Client's account in connection with the payment for the ordered goods store refund the amount overpaid to the bank account of the client unless the client decides to use for further purchases in the store.

Refund of the overpayment shall transfer to the bank account indicated by the Customer. For the safety of customer funds requested refund of overpayment may occur after receipt of the decision of the customer by e-mail sent from your e-mail address registered in the store. We reserve the right to verify the identity of the customer submitting the command return. 
For safety reasons, Store fail to return the overpayment in cash.

  § 6. Complaints

1 All goods available in the store comes from a legitimate source, are original and have a warranty of the manufacturer's quality.

2 If, after receipt of the goods customer find defects factory can make use of the warranty directly from the manufacturer of the product or the indicated sites (applicable to products covered by the manufacturer's warranty).

3 Customer has the right to lodge a complaint in the store in the event of the delivered goods:

manufacturing defects, 
mechanical damage during transport 
non-conformity of the goods included in the contract 
In this case, the customer must return the goods to the address of the shop:


Complaint Department (RMA) and Return

Wojciech Szmydt "Reliable Company",

Pakość 88-170, ul. St.. Jan 19 

4.Reklamacje are dealt with within 14 days from the date of receipt by the consignment shop advertised goods. If the complaint, defective product will be repaired or replaced with a new one, and if it is impossible (for example, due to exhaustion of stocks of goods), Shop will return the equivalent of the price of goods or offer other goods available in the store to choose from. The costs associated with returning the goods advertised Store returns after accepting the complaint to the client account.

6.Klient has the right to lodge a complaint within two years from the date of purchase, subject to notification of the defect Store within two months from the observation of non-conformity.


§ 7. Right of withdrawal

Under the Act of March 2, 2000 "On protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product" The customer can return goods purchased in the shop without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of delivery. 
Cancellation is only possible in this case if the goods have not been used, copied or been damaged in any way - NOT EXCEEDED NORMAL BOARD. Returned goods must be complete. Goods protected by the factory before the opening can not be returned after removing the foil or the removal of security (np.oryginalnych seals manufacturer), the destruction of the box. Among others, CDs, DVDs, cassettes MC, pen drives, external drives, etc.. must be returned in original, undamaged packaging (foil is not removed, undamaged box, intact seal manufacturer). Returned products can not any signs of use. Otherwise, the returned goods shall be treated as used. 
Shop guarantees refund. Money will be refunded within 14 working days. 
§ 8. Waste electrical and electronic equipment

According to the Act of 29 July 2005 on waste electrical and electronic equipment (OJ. Laws No. 180, item. 1495) client, the buyer electrical or electronic equipment, has the right to return the old one (used) equipment of the same type to the shop he bought a new product. Store Customers wishing to take advantage of this opportunity are requested repatriation of waste equipment at:

Wojciech Szmydt "Reliable Company" Pakość 88-170, ul. St.. Jan 19

§ 9. The personal data.

By placing an order in the store customer places his personal data in the database Store the purpose of their processing for the purpose of contract-purchase of goods. Providing personal data by the Customer is required to complete the order by the store. Customer is responsible for providing false information osobowych.Jednocześnie customer purchasing in the store through portals,, www.ską, www.nokaut com, optionally may agree as follows: "I hereby consent to the processing of my personal data by store, including e-mail address in order to examine the opinion of the level of satisfaction with the purchase carried out." In the absence of the customer's consent to the processing of personal data by the shop, including the e-mail address in order to examine the opinion of the level of satisfaction of the resulting customer has the opportunity to refuse to consent to the processing of data by not accepting stated in the process of buying checkbox "a. Refusal client as above, is synonymous with a lack of consent to the transfer is not personal data, including your e-mail address. 
Personal data is protected in accordance with the Law dated 29.08.1997. "On Personal Data Protection" (Journal of Laws No. 133, item. 883) to prevent access by third parties. 
Security Policy - SSL

In the interests of making the purchase in the online store announce that we used the protocol SSL transmission ensures the safety of data on the internet.

Access to the data are only designated, trained store employees. does not sell as well as does not provide data about their customers to third parties - beyond activities related to addressing the appropriate shipping if you use the carrier's delivery (courier). Create a database of customers the store is used only for contact purposes related to the contract and to provide periodic newsletters, containing the most interesting offers in the period.

How does the protection of SSL Protocol

SSL Secured data is encrypted before it is sent from the client browser and decoded upon arrival at the store server which makes them very difficult to read by unauthorized persons. By connecting to the site store store customer is assured that merged with the proper site and has not been falsified.

§ 10. final Provisions

The sales agreement is between you and Wojciech Szmydt "Reliable Company" Pakość 88-170, ul. St.. John 19. Fixation, protection and disclosure of relevant provisions of the contract for printing and handing the customer with the VAT invoice. 
Upon receipt of shipment, please check the general condition in the presence of an external supplier. Please refuse to accept the shipment if there are many traces of opening and / or destruction and immediately notified by e-mail about the event store. Should be carefully and clearly describe the event. If the shipment was delivered in the absence of the recipient, please immediately contact the shipping company which supplied the consignment in order to transcribe the minutes relating to the opening or destruction. In case of a request by the customer to verify the contents of the consignment delivered through its opening in the presence of the messenger client pays doręczycielowi by. its price list.

Despite the best efforts and due diligence, we can not guarantee that the descriptions presented with pictures of products are fully compliant with the specifications of the manufacturer and the actual state. In case of any doubts or wish to obtain additional information, please contact our sales department or verification on the basis of the manufacturer. The content is not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, and are for information only. 
Competent court for any disputes arising from the contract of sale is the court competent for the defendant or the court competent for the place of performance. 
In matters not regulated herein, the provisions of the Civil Code and the provisions of the Act on the specific conditions of consumer sale and amending the Civil Code and the provisions of the Act on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product. 
For customers who are not consumers do not apply the provisions of Section of this Regulation "Right of withdrawal". 
We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions. Any changes to the Rules of Procedure in force from the date of publication on the website

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